The Pressure of Blogigation

I used to wake up and brush my teeth and take a shower. Now I feel obligated to wake up and be interesting. If not, ohhhhh my, what will I blog about?

There are all these things you’re supposed to do once you go into the author biz, and blogging – bless its regurgitating heart – is one of the biggies. I mean, really, I’ve published a memoir. Doesn’t that count as: Enough about me! What more can anyone want to know – my grocery list? Dental records? Names of men who led me astray during the Carter administration?

It’s intimidating to think someone might read this and yawn their brains out. It’s intimidating to think nobody might read this. Frankly, I’m not sure which is worse.

But if blog I must, blog I shall. So here goes:





Humble Pie

Stay tuned for those dental records.

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