100 Lashes On My Back

Oh dear. This blog has become a huge source of GUILT. I mean, there I’ll be living my life, loading the dishwasher, watching The Good Wife, and I start thinking: How long’s it been since I posted??

Real bloggers, you bloggers who deserve the moniker of blogger, have a sense of responsibility; you deliver the goods. You send me emails: Hey! My new blog is up! (talk about making a person feel guilty…) You write on a regular basis and have plenty of stuff to share. Me? I’m a blogger slacker. As soon as I think of a topic my inner Greek Chorus kicks in: Why would anyone care what happened in the produce section at Whole Foods on Saturday? Or – Do you really think it’s appropriate to share the results of your annual EKG, Linda? 

I’m scraping the barrel here trying to be interesting. Would you like to know my shoe size? 8.5 – On a good day. My conditioner: Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. (I’m glad I wrote that. I just remembered to call and make an appointment for a haircut.) The last meal I’d choose if heading to the gas chamber: Cookies. What I’d name a dog if I bought a dog: Jerry.

Well, that about wraps it up. I went skydiving a few times back during the Reagan administration. Things have slowed down since then. But I vow to be intriguing in the future; I’ll hold up my end of the blogosphere. Then report on it and report on it and report on it until you all beg for mercy.

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