“This is the greatest event in the history of publishing.”

Vivien Yellin, Mother

“It’s about time she earned some money.”

Randy Arthur, Husband

“Yellin’s story is not only a delight to read but an inspiring
example of the good that can come from taking
risks, even when it’s uncomfortable or scary.”

Publishers Weekly

“If she slanders me, I’ll kill her.”

Gina Bogin, Sister

“She’s a devoted flosser.”

Sari Netsky, Dentist

“Filled with lots of girl-talk, this memoir will appeal
to readers who can’t get enough of the beginning,
middle and sweet endings of love stories.”

Kirkus Reviews

“My children are scared of her.”

Amy Lieberman, Next Door Neighbor

“She’s totally devoid of any left brain.”

Josh Peromsik, Web Page Developer

“All the stupid copy was written by her.”

Suzi Barst, Web Page Designer

“I keep on trying to think who I can compare this to,
but you really can’t. I can say Erma Bombeck
but younger, Chelsea Handler but kinder
but that doesn’t do the book justice.
It’s a voice that is unique and compelling.”

Amazon review by Total Stranger